Bad news is all around us. Every day brings a new concern as threats are unveiled around the world. So how should Christians respond? Peter exhorts us to not fear, but to rather look, labor and live for Christ's coming. The worse the world gets, the closer we are to going home!

In a final installment of 2 Peter, we find even more warnings against false teachers. Peter calls out these pseudo-preachers as dry wells, dangerous clouds, and dark mists. Pastor Brad Wells echoes his instruction for navigating daily dangers in the present day.

After calling out false teachers, Peter warns their followers about where they will end up if they continue on this path. God will provide a way of escape, but they must identify and deny three components of corruption: a proud will, an evil mouth, and a greedy heart.

July 21, 2022

How To Spot a Fake

Evil often looks like a great opportunity. Satan is transformed into an angel of light. With counterfeits all around, how are we to discern what is true? The answer lies in II Peter 2– a three-part test of false teachers that examines their message, methods, and motives.

The difference between selective, subjective religion and objective faith is submission to God's Word. Pastor Brad Wells clearly shows that the Bible– the antidote to our own flawed perceptions– outlives, overshadows, and outshines human efforts.

Included are guest segments from General Kevin Schneider and General John Teichert.

July 6, 2022

America the Beautiful

This Independence Day weekend message from Pastor Brad Wells celebrates God's blessing on America's past while looking with hope toward the future. As salt and light, Christian citizens should be seeking to make a difference through earnest prayer and diligent action.

Peter's second book starts with an exhortation to know, grow, and show: three simple but increasingly important points. Learn how to stand with confidence and peace amidst a fallen world with this message from Pastor Brad Wells.

This Father's Day message from Pastor Brad Wells provides practical tips and biblical encouragement for fathers. The next generation needs parents who can make a difference both in their lives and their society, and Psalm 127 has the recipe: a strong archer, straight arrows, and sure aim.

June 16, 2022

Maturing on Purpose

Spiritual maturity is not automatic.  It comes as the Christian intentionally submits to God's plan for growth.  This week, Pastor Brad Wells offers three attitudes, found in 1 Peter 5, that enable maturity.  These are active humility, active serenity, and active sobriety– each of which you can successfully implement today.

June 10, 2022

The Mountain

Guest speaker General John Teichert exhorts Christians to overcome mountains of difficulty through focus, faith, and follow-through.  Listen closely to this helpful message– and its intriguing supporting stories– to overcome your mountain through the power of Christ.

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